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Our consultations are complimentary, but we do require a major credit card to secure your appointment. This information is requested on the time of your call. Without this information we will not be able to schedule your appointment. Please note there will be a $50 consultation fee if you are a No Show to your appointment or cancellation of your appointment is made less than a 24 hour notice. Failure to pay may result in loss of booking privileges or refusal to provide future service.


As a recipient of our services you are responsible for the charges associated with the services you receive. You may have other means of payment, for example: such as insurance or financing agency, but you remain legally and fully responsible for your entire bill.


Cash or Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Debit cards.


The cost of your surgery is determined on the day of your initial consultation with our doctors. This cost is all-inclusive. The quote is good for a period of 14 days.


  • A $250.00 deposit (cash, credit, or debit) for all surgical procedures will be taken at the time of scheduling to secure your appointment
  • All balances must be paid on the day of your pre-op appointment (which is usually seven (7) days prior to your procedure)


Scheduling surgeries, requires careful planning. In addition, special medical instrumentation is prepared and sterilized for each individual procedure. Therefore, please understand the importance of respecting our “Fifteen Day Cancellation Policy”:

  • Cancellations made 8-15 days prior to surgery/procedure date will result in forfeiting your deposit.
  • Cancellations made less than seven (7) business days from your date of surgery will result in 50% charge of the total surgery/procedure fee. (Including, laser procedures, injectables, etc.).
  • Cancellations one day before or on the day of the procedure will forfeit entire balance paid.

A 3% or a minimum $35.00 service fee will apply to the total amount paid on any cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment.


The practice of medicine and surgery is not an exact science. Although good results are anticipated, there can be no guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied, by anyone as to the actual results that you may get. Surgical revisions and/or other medical treatment or management of problems and/or complications may be required. These will result in additional charges for which you will be responsible.

If any touch ups are needed, there will be a modest fee for set-up, sedation, materials and medications used. The procedure itself is performed without doctor’s charges. In case of Botox, we always apply a determined number of units per area that in some patients might not be enough. In case of need for extra doses of Botox, a charge per extra units will be assessed.

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