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Meet Dr. Alexander Villares


Dr. Alexander VILLARES is a Board Certified Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgeon in Phoenix – Scottsdale, AZ. He has extensive training in General Surgery from The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, along with Fellowships in both Bariatric and Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Villares is able to address each individual patient needs and aesthetic goals in a safe caring environment.

Dr. Villares’ Approach and Training

Dr. Villares takes a personal, vested interest in the success and happiness of each of his patients. Dr. Villares takes his time to learn and listen to each of his patients, as they each come to him with a unique and different perspective of what goals they would like to achieve.

Scottsdale Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Villares takes great pride in his European – Spanish roots. He was born in Madrid, Spain and has traveled the world, to locations such as Brazil , Belgium, London and France, doing extensive Post-Graduate training in Plastic Surgery.

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